Scripting a People Soft clone with RMAN

I’ve done this with E-Biz so I thought I’d do it with People Soft.  Now before you go off trying this script, TEST IT FIRST!  If it blows up your database, you don’t know me!  Also, this will not work unless you’re using a catalog/repository for RMAN

This script is really made up of 3 parts:

1.the addition of some code in your RMAN backup script (assuming you already have one that is) that builds an RMAN run module for the clone build, cleans up the previous days SCP and then SCP’s your rman backups and run modules to the clone box

2.the main cloning script.  the script assumes you’re using ASM and you may need to fiddle with the script to fit your ASM structure, or if not using ASM, just comment it out, and

3.the ASM cleanup script (if you need it).

Now I’m sure there are a million ways to get this done and this may not be the most efficient…. but it works.  As you can see from the main cloning script, we don’t do a lot of post-clone stuff with the people soft clones as we normally leave that up to the app developers.

If you see any glaring errors, please let me know.