show parameter replacement

This is a replacement for show parameter. Ensure your SQLPATH is set.

set echo off;
set ver off;
set showm off;
column value format a50
column update_comment format a20
column description format a40 wrapped
column type format a15
column name format a35
column “Deprecated” format a11
select name,
    case type
        when 1 then ‘boolean’
        when 2 then ‘string’
        when 3 then ‘integer’
        when 4 then ‘parameter file’
        when 5 then ‘reserved’
        when 6 then ‘big integer’
        else to_char(type)
    end as type,
          isdefault as “Default?”,
          isdeprecated as “Deprecated”,
    case issys_modifiable
        when ‘IMMEDIATE’ then ‘instantly’
        when ‘DEFERRED’ then ‘init or spfile’
        when ‘FALSE’ then ‘spfile only’
        else issys_modifiable
    end as “Modifiable”
from v$parameter
where name like ‘%&1%’

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