I love working with Oracle technology…. not just the ordinary day to day stuff but the stuff that gets you excited;  the tough troubleshooting, reading other’s blogs and learning new ways to tackle problems that you “thought” you had figured out, discovering new ways to manipulate something and get faster than light response times….

I am by no means an Oracle expert but I’m no slouch either… I can hold my own with most others and enjoy a playful but competitive atmosphere where the competitiveness translates into making everyone on the team a smarter DBA.

I’ve been working with Oracle since Trusted Oracle 7.2.3 (pre-cursor to OLS) on DEC MLS+ then moved on to “regular” Oracle 7.3.2 on Solaris.  Worked almost exclusively with Unix/Linux over the years and Windows (only when absolutely necessary!).

Strong scripting skills (ksh) and dabble with Perl/Python and have begun to explore the fascinating world of APEX (4.1.1) and what that has to offer to me as a DBA.  Looks like I’ll be playing with the new APEX (4.2) as it just came out on 10/12/2012.

Actually, part of the reason I created this blog is for my kids.  They’re mostly grown, or at least think they’re grown, and to this day, they still don’t really understand what it is I do.  Have you ever tried to explain your DBA job/responsibilities to your kids or anyone not savvy to our black box world and get that glazed over deer in the headlights look after about 30 seconds?  For that reason, this blog is for my kids…. they might still get that glazed over deer in the headlights look when trying to understand some of the entries in this blog, but maybe….. just maybe, if they read it more than once, a little bit might sink in and they’ll get a peek into my world and what it is their dad does.

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