RMAN clone errors

ENV:, RHEL 5.8, Dell PowerEdge R710

(RMAN-06136, ORA-03113, RMAN-10041, RMAN-10024)

running a clone on our DEVHT PSoft environment…. and getting this:


sql statement: alter system set  db_name =  ”DEVHT90” comment= ”Reset to original value by RMAN” scope=spfile

 sql statement: alter system reset  db_unique_name scope=spfile

 Oracle instance shut down

RMAN-00571: ==========================

RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS 

RMAN-00571: ==========================

RMAN-03002: failure of Duplicate Db command at 10/16/2012 07:36:58

RMAN-05501: aborting duplication of target database

RMAN-03015: error occurred in stored script Memory Script

RMAN-06136: ORACLE error from auxiliary database: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

from the alert log:


[oracle@nrac01 trace]$ tail -f alert_DEVHT901.log

Shutting down archive processes

Archiving is disabled

ARCH: Archival disabled due to shutdown: 1089

Shutting down archive processes

Archiving is disabled

Stopping background process VKTM

NOTE: Shutting down MARK background process

freeing rdom 0

Tue Oct 16 07:36:58 2012

Instance shutdown complete


let’s try again….


channel c3: restoring datafile 00131 to +HCDATA/devht90/datafile/thrspayits1.dbf

channel c3: restoring datafile 00138 to +HCDATA/devht90/datafile/thrstabts.dbf

channel c3: reading from backup piece /s02/dbback/PRDHT90/rmanback/PRDHT90_311975191_20121016_5367_1

RMAN-00571: ==========================

RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS 

RMAN-00571: ==========================

RMAN-00601: fatal error in recovery manager

RMAN-03004: fatal error during execution of command

RMAN-10041: Could not re-create polling channel context following failure.

RMAN-10024: error setting up for rpc polling

RMAN-10005: error opening cursor

RMAN-10002: ORACLE error: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE


and from the alert log:


Starting background process RVWR

Tue Oct 16 07:51:58 2012

RVWR started with pid=36, OS id=7734

Database mounted in Exclusive Mode

Lost write protection disabled

Completed: alter database mount

Tue Oct 16 07:52:02 2012

Checker run found 139 new persistent data failures

Tue Oct 16 07:52:04 2012

alter database flashback off

Stopping background process RVWR

Deleted Oracle managed file +HCFLASH/devht90/flashback/log_1.724.796809119

Deleted Oracle managed file +HCFLASH/devht90/flashback/log_2.712.796809119

Flashback Database Disabled

Completed: alter database flashback off

Tue Oct 16 07:53:08 2012

Shutting down instance (abort)

License high water mark = 7

USER (ospid: 8694): terminating the instance

Tue Oct 16 07:53:08 2012

ORA-1092 : opitsk aborting process

Instance terminated by USER, pid = 8694

Tue Oct 16 07:53:09 2012

Instance shutdown complete


and of course, it now has some production residue leftover from the last botched duplicate:


connected to target database: PRDHT90 (DBID=311975191)

connected to auxiliary database: PRDHT90 (not mounted)


not what we want…. let’s blow away the controlfile stuff in ASM:




and by the way, this will work even though the auxiliary instance was still up and running.




also, put your clone spfile back in place before nomounting the database:


SQL> create spfile from pfile=’/s01/shared_scripts/DEVHT90/init.DEVHT90ForClone.ora’;


okay…. so we can’t blame the controlfiles or the spfile since we just got rid of them, let’s start it up nomount and try again…


looks to be working…. so far…. I used only two auxiliary channels instead of three…. that was the only change I made (besides blowing away the ASM controlfile directories).

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